German national trampoline team relies on ESWT

At the European Trampoline Championships 2010 in Varna, Bulgaria, the German national team was treated with ESWT. The final results were impressive: the German team won nine medals, among them four gold and three silver medals.

Fortunately, there were no acute injuries among the German gymnasts during the competitions. However, especially the men that took part in the mini-trampoline competitions had some trouble in the area of the adductor insertions (caused by running up to the trampoline). The German gymnasts that took part in the regular trampoline competitions experienced troubles due to muscle overuse, for example in the lower back and in the thigh area. One of the members of the women's team had travelled to Varna with an Achillodynia that was at first progressive during the competitions.

Each evening after training or competition, the affected athletes were treated with ESWT (in addition to physiotherapy) in order to ensure their fitness. No medication was required and the athletes were able to give their very best day after day without feeling any pain.



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