Since the revolution in surgical treatment of kidney stones brought about by non-invasive shock wave lithotripsy in the 1980s, stone therapy has changed substantially. Today, the focus is on personalized stone management, making it possible to tailor each patient's
treatment to their own particular situation.

With the development of the MODULITH® SLX-F2 »connect«, STORZ MEDICAL has introduced a device that perfectly combines the demands of a urological workstation with those of a lithotripter. For purely endourological workstations without a shock wave therapy unit, STORZ MEDICAL has an impressive solution in the form of the PRIMERA 360. With both devices, the large dynamic flat-panel detector allows overview imaging of the entire genitourinary tract in diagnostic quality.

The development of innovative products for urology has a long tradition at STORZ MEDICAL. One milestone is the cylindrical source, which has considerably improved shock wave lithotripsy of urinary calculi by means of in-line localization and its market-leading efficiency. This pioneering technology is at the heart of all lithotripters made by STORZ MEDICAL.
Moreover, shock waves can also be effectively used for the treatment of indications in urological pain therapy, such as CPPS and Peyronie's disease. Shock wave therapy also opens up a new area of application, namely vascular erectile dysfunction.

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