SHOCK WAVE Conference Berlin - New possibilities in shock wave therapy

The »2nd International SHOCK WAVE Conference« was held in Berlin, Germany, from 3-4 October 2014. More than 250 attendees discussed current trends and future perspectives of shock wave therapy. STORZ MEDICAL was the corporate sponsor of the event and presented not only innovative fascia transmitters but also the trend-setting focused shock wave handpiece »SEPIA«.

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SHOCK WAVE Berlin 2014 - Conference Room

Three years after the very successful »1st International SHOCK WAVE Conference« in Frankfurt in 2011, this year’s SHOCK WAVE Conference took place in the heart of Berlin. The beautiful und elaborately renovated »Kaiserin-Augusta-Hospital« close to the famous Charité was the perfect venue for two days of interesting lectures, hands-on workshops and lively discussions that were all inspired by the conference theme »Shock Wave Therapy in Progress«. Among the main topics were sports medicine, ultrasound diagnosis, fascia treatment, trigger point therapy and various new indications from different medical disciplines – from orthopedics to cardiology, dermatology and neurology. Last but not least, it was discussed how modern shock wave technology can contribute to the success of a treatment.

Technological innovations by STORZ MEDICAL

Several lectures showed that shock waves can be used successfully in fascia treatment. Today it is known that the fascial network is involved in the causes and therapy of illnesses, in particular of the musculoskeletal system. The fasciae of patients with muscular pain are strongly altered/thickened in the respective area. With the goal of improving the treatment of those structures with shock waves, Storz Medical, in close cooperation with experienced doctors, has developed new transmitters that were presented for the first time in Berlin.

Fields of application are:

  • Fascia treatment
  • General treatment of the musculoskeletal system
  • Functional limited mobility
  • Muscular pain

2014-10-10 002 news New fascia transmitters

PERI-ACTOR™ »knuckle«

The »knuckle« transmitter imitates the knuckle of the human hand. It has been designed for smoothing out the fascia, for example the fascia of the back, the plantar fascia or the fasciae in the shoulder/neck area.

PERI-ACTOR™ »sphere«

With the »sphere« transmitter it is possibly to treat the fasciae in a specific spot and in a small treatment area. Good application areas are for example the cervical spine, the plantar fascia, the back of the foot and the back of the hand.

PERI-ACTOR™ »scoop«

The »scoop« transmitter resembles a scoop and can be used for the treatment of all areas that are located next to or below bone edges. It is especially useful in the pelvic area from the ventral side.

PERI-ACTOR™ »scraper«

The »scraper« transmitter can be used for a large-area treatment of all fasciae of the musculoskeletal system. It resembles a scraper and is applied with scraping movements along the fasciae.
*CE-Certificate in Process

In addition to the new transmitters, STORZ MEDICAL presented the new focused shock wave handpiece »SEPIA«. The intelligent handpiece has an ergonomic design and all of the important parameter setting options are integrated, which makes treatment more efficient. In addition, the new design simplifies the process of changing the cylindrical coil.

2014-10-10 003 news

The new focused shock wave handpiece »SEPIA«

Conclusion and outlook

This year’s SHOCK WAVE Conference not only focused on subject-specific and hands-on education but also on the exchange of scientific knowledge. »During the past two days we have seen many excellent lectures and have gained new insights«, said Prof Lohrer in his closing remarks. He also announced that the »3rd International SHOCK WAVE Conference« is likely to take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in October 2016.



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