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New Practice Handbook: »Fascia Treatment with Shock Waves«

The new practice handbook »Fascia Treatment with Shock Waves« (published by the Level10 publishing house) by Prof. Dr Matthias Beck, Dr Carlo Di Maio, Dr Stephan Swart and Corry Ullrich provides doctors and therapists with sound basic knowledge of fascial shock wave therapy.

Book: Fascia Treatment with Shock Waves

In a compact and comprehensible manner the first section of the book provides information about fascia, its physiology and its importance in myofascial force transmission. In the second section the team of authors describes in a practice-oriented manner the modes of action – especially the application of shock wave therapy – and the use of »Suction Wave« therapy as a complementary form of treatment.
The detailed presentation with numerous colour illustrations and selected examples of treatment facilitates understanding and prepares the reader for practical implementation. Readers benefit from the authors' many years of experience.

»Fascia Treatment with Shock Waves« is available as of September 2017 and can be ordered from .

Matthias Beck, Carlo Di Maio, Stephan Swart, Corry Ullrich: »Fascia Treatment with Shock Waves«; 144 pages; 45 Euro; Level10 Buchverlag; 2017; ISBN 978-3-945106-08-2



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