With the new Visitor Center, KARL STORZ has created more than just an additional facility for product presentation and customer consultation. At the Center, we also invite you to take a look at the world of endoscopy as we see it. From a holistic perspective, the processes within the patient's clinical environment are as important to optimal surgical results as the development and production of high-quality medical devices. In modern medicine, more patient data is available than ever before. In itself, this does not ensure progress in the surgical treatment of diseases – but when all patient-related information is combined and made accessible, accurate diagnoses can be made and the most promising treatment methods can be identified.

Optimizing the clinical treatment requires the continuous availability of all patient information. On this basis, the patient's hospital stay, the physical, room and staff resources and the proper sequences must be planned to achieve optimal results for the patient and the hospital. Combining all data and decisions on optimal treatment planning and the perfect hospitalization places very high demands on clinical process and workflow management – and benefits both the patient and the financial results.

Take a look into the future of clinical treatment processes and become a »patient« at the new KARL STORZ Visitor Center:

360° panorama tour through the KARL STORZ Visitor Center

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